Pay Utility Bills On-line

You can now pay your utility bills online or by phone using your debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard & Discover only). In order to choose this option, you need your account number and you will need to know whether or not your phone number is on our computer system. If you need to know this information or need to add a phone number, please call City Hall and ask them to add it to your account information. If your phone number is not in our system, when it asks for the last four digits of your phone number, you will have to enter 0000; however, if your phone number is in the system you will not be allowed to use 0000. Make sure you keep the confirmation number or authorization code you will receive from your online or phone payment. This will be needed if problems occur and the company needs to research the transaction.

All account updates will occur every morning of the business workday, unless problems occur with our system. Your account must be paid in full by the due date in order for your services to remain active and not incur any late fees or penalties.

PAY BY PHONE: DIAL 1-888-246-0195 (TOLL FREE NUMBER)Â Follow the instructions you are given on the phone to make a payment.

PAY ONLINE: Click Here