Economic Information

Economic Information:
Between 1994 and 1998, Berrien County averaged an annual unemployment rate of 5.3% compared with the state’s average of 4.7%.
City level unemployment data is not available for cities with populations of less than 10,000 persons, according to the 1990 Census.
In 1989, the median household income was $20,639 for the City of Nashville. Statewide, the median household income $29,021.
According to the 1992 Economic Census, sales from retail trade Nashville amounted to $12,708 per capita, compared to the state figure of $7,388. A per capita retail trade per capita figure greater than the statewide average may indicate that regional trade center.
The per capita income for the residents of Nashville in 1990 was $9,716.
This amount was greater than the county’s per capita income of $9,403 and less than the State’s average of $13,631.

Economic Prosperity:
Several nationally known companies have made Berrien County their home.
The top employers in this area are Propex Fabrics, Chaparral Boats, Berrien County Hospital and Berrien County Board of Education.
The Berrien County Industrial Park is currently at full capacity; however the county is currently in the process of developing an additional park in northern Berrien County just outside of Enigma on highway 82. With easy access to rail transportation and close proximity to I-75, Berrien County is a prime location for new or existing industries.
What is the largest industry in Berrien County? — The answer ~ agriculture.
Berrien County boasts 65,000 acres of farm land planted each year with an economic value of more than
$96,000,000. This agriculturally rich region produces many varieties of crops such as tobacco, corn, soybeans, peanuts, cotton, vegetables, swine, beef and forestry. With a total of 477 operations, Berrien county is ranked 22 in the state for number of farm operators. Crops are not the only things growing in Berrien County these days! Although agriculture remains vital to this traditionally rural community, and new spirit of progress has paved the way for industrial growth and future development throughout the county. We also have a variety of great retail shops and restaurants, which offer unique gifts as well as wonderful food.
Source: All Economic Information provided by the Nashville / Berrien Co. Chamber of Commerce.